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Secrets to Real Estate

When buying a house it seems logical to call the real estate agent who’s name is on the front yard sign or the one you met at the open house. When it's time to get serious and want to ask questions about price, condition of the home and its history who knows more than the agent who is working directly with the seller. This is when a conflict of interest immediately starts.

A real estate agent’s loyalties and responsibilities may change depending on the transaction. A licensed “Realtor” will discuss this then when you first meet. But the key is knowing the listing agent works for the seller of the home. Their job is to get the best price and deal for the seller; and owes all fiduciary duties to the seller. So why would you expect them to get you that great deal you are looking for?

Would you not be better off teaming with a buy’s agent? One that does not cost you anything, after all the seller will be doing that. A buy’s agent works for you! All their fiduciary duties belong to you! They teach the you the market, show you lots of homes, and eventually advise you when it comes time to make an offer and negotiate with the seller. An invaluable resource, a buyer’s agent stands by the your side for the duration of their home search.

The home search can involve many twists and turns, so having a loyal adviser along the way will help you make an informed decision on what is likely the largest purchase of your life.

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