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My Home Will Not Sell!!!

A common concern, when it is time to move, is will my home sell and will I get the price I want? And that's a valid fear. But you can improve your chances of finding a buyer by pricing your home strategically, and using a real estate agent who knows the local market can help you in this regard.

Right now, in the Alpena Area, you may not have a problem in finding someone interested. There is a high demand at all price ranges and locations. For some the big challenge is being greedy and list their homes for a much higher price than they expect to get, thinking that way, there's room to negotiate downward. But if the typical 2,000-square-foot home in your neighborhood sells for around $250,000, and you list yours at $295,000, buyers might balk before even giving your home a chance. Listing your property at $229,000, on the other hand, could change that scenario in your favor. Or, if you price your home for $219,000, buyers might think they're getting a bargain.

In today's market many homes are selling at near record speed. Some are even sold before the paperwork is sent to the MLS for publication. When priced correctly a bidding war starts, with multiple buyers willing to pay full asking price, and often more. What a great time to sell.

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